Engage Nova is a Field Service IoT (Internet of Things) company. We work with Service Companies and Field Service Professionals and assist them to enhance their Customers Engagement and Field Services productivities through digitalisation and technologies.

Our vision is to use technologies to advance Field Service operations and improve Human experiences and performances in Field Service.


IoT for Field Service

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term which has proliferated in the last decade. IoT enbles physical device connected to the internet. It can apply to smart devices, but the IoT rabbit hole goes much deeper than these more obvious items.

As the field service industry revolves around monitoring complex systems for damage or performance issues and reacting swiftly to rectify them, IoT devices have massively disrupted the way business has been done – for the better.

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Augmented Reality for Field Service

Augmented reality (AR) makes it possible for even inexperienced personnel to handle repairs with confidence. By wearing AR glasses that display schematics, for instance, mechanics could be guided to repair an engine on the tarmac, even if they had never before worked on that particular model.

By using AR overlays on mobile devices or Smart Glasses complemented by geographic information system (GIS) data, technicians could literally visualize infrastructure and machinery in the field.

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Vision Technologies for Field Service

The growing use and rapid improvement of electronic assistants using Vision Technologies introduces new possibilities in field service management. Field service technicians could use virtual assistants of this sort for hands-free access to information on a job site.

This could include step-by-step instructions when performing maintenance or a repair. Such capabilities could be truly revolutionary for technicians atop a utility pole or deep in a mine.